Critiques: (L’incrédule)

« Hidalgo propose un scénario intelligemment construit et de fins dialogues pour tracer cet émouvant portrait d’êtres déracinés. » — Séquences

« L’incrédule mérite largement d’être découvert... » —Films du Québec

« Shot in a simple, striking style by cinematographer Glauco Bermúdez, this endearingly original film says a lot with very little. Hidalgo’s minimal deadpan approach mixes pathos and humour in equal amounts” — Montreal Gazette
Critiques: (A Silent Love)

“Scintillante Vanessa Bauche… parfait Noel Burton… efficace Susana Salazar…” — Voir

“Montreal is at its multicultural best in this sensual, smart movie.” — The Vancouver Province

“Funny, unusual, and sharp” — The Globe and Mail

“[An] intelligent, understated, humanistic film.” -Hollywood Reporter

“Director Federico Hidalgo moves the film at a thoughtful pace and refuses to impose a tidy prefabricated conclusion on his story of marriage and misunderstanding.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune